The Solution to Workplace Conflict

The Solution to Workplace Conflict

Greg explains that the people at work need to be loved, just like people everywhere. If we see that need and address it, workplace conflict disappears. This video snippet is taken from a live seminar.


“My question has to do with Real Love in the workplace and I was glad to see that you have a book about that because in the workplace it's different than I think. So, when you have someone in the workplace that is your supervisor and they tend to be a difficult person, could you just speak a little bit about what to do when it's not a family member, I mean, I'm obviously not going to hug this person.”

So, at work when your boss is being snotty, what are they telling you?

“I don't know?”

“I'm afraid.” They're afraid of failing. They're afraid of failing and looking bad. That's it. That's all.

So, you go up to your boss and you say, “Pick the nastiest job you've got. How can I help you?” It's unlikely you'll ever have workplace conflict with that person again.

This boss that I described that I used to have who was the terror of the entire building, I never had trouble with ever because I was, “What can I do to help?” He would describe a job that nobody wanted to do. I go, “Oh, I’ll do that.”

I was always helping him, not so he'd be nice to me. Because I cared about him. After about a year people said, “Do you like give him drugs?” Because he was so nice everywhere I went. One time we were in a meeting, and he went to berate somebody. No kidding. “All right!” He looked over at me I went— and he stopped and the whole table’s going, “Whoa!”

Just love them, not hugs and kisses. Help them. They're just stressed.

Real Love in the Workplace

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