Real Love Group

Do you want to participate in a Real Love group but can't find one in your area? 

How to Start a Real Love Group

Book/Video Study Group

Ask a friend or group of friends to read one of the Real Love books together. As you share what you are learning, you will all have opportunities to share the truth about yourselves. As you continue to talk about yourselves and the principles of Real Love, you become a group. Real Love, Real Love in Marriage, and The Essentials of Real Love Streaming Video have workbooks that follow along with the book or video you'll be studying (Real Love Companion40 Days to Real Love and Happiness in Your Marriageand The Essentials of Real Love Workbook or The Essentials of Real Love Bible Workbook, respectively). The workbooks are designed so that you have no choice but to take the material personally, and practically apply the principles in your life.

Sharing with a Friend

One person reads Real Love: The Truth About Finding Unconditional Love and Fulfilling Relationships. She shares the truth about herself with several friends. She discovers that one or more of them are interested in seeing and accepting her. They also want to share the truth about themselves. As these friends continue to talk about themselves and the principles of Real Love, they become a group.

Groups exist only to increase the opportunities of its members to be seen and loved.

What a Real Love Group Is

  • A group consists of two or more people who are consciously making an effort to tell the truth about themselves, find Real Love, and share that love with each other.
  • When people in a group practice being loved and loving at a regular time and place, that is a group meeting.
  • We need to interact with group members as often as possible—in meetings and outside them.
  • Meetings are generally held weekly and last two hours. They are led by wise men or women—those who are capable of seeing and accepting other people at the meeting. Meetings can include any number of people, can be held at any location, and generally include members of all ages. 

What a Group is Not

A group is not therapy. It’s not a cult. It doesn’t make arrogant claims to fix people. It’s not exclusive and does not require loyalty or money from its members. It is not characterized by a formal organization.

Your efforts will be far more successful if you intentionally associate as often as possible with people who have the same interest. 

Learn More About Starting a Real Love Group

In the book Real Love for Wise Men and Women, you'll discover even more about finding and sharing Real Love. You'll learn:

  • How to become more unconditionally loving.
  • How to share the principles of Real Love with others.
  • How to organize and conduct group meetings where people can practice feeling and sharing Real Love.
  • How to teach the Laws of Choice and Responsibility.
  • How to help other people tell the truth about how they use Imitation Love and Getting and Protecting Behaviors.
  • How to teach the principle of faith.
  • How to eliminate conflict and resolve differences.
  • Exercises that will facilitate people finding and sharing Real Love.
The Wise Man or Woman

Learn the characteristics of a Wise Man and Woman and how to become one.

Group Meetings

Learn the structure of a group meeting and how they function. 

Telling the Truth

Learn the purposes of Telling the Truth and when to do so.

Practicing: Exercises

Learn exercises to practice Telling the Truth about feelings, seeing others, and more.