Real Love in Parenting 

Why Real Love in Parenting?

  • No more arguing with your kids. It's like heaven on earth.
  • No more arguing between children, impossible? Nope!
  • No more tantrums, begging, whining, & complaining.
  • No more clinging to phones, games, or more. Bring them back to life.

What do good parenting skills look like?

Does the whining drive you crazy?

Learn how to respond effectively to whining in this short video.

Angry child, angry parent?

Are you feeling frustrated and like a failure at parenting? Watch this short video.

Teenager driving you crazy?

Watch this short video to learn how to deal with teens who fight consequences.

How Do You Know Our Parenting Advice is for You?

Do you find parenting to be difficult? Do you hate the whining and arguing? Raising children seems to be a mystery, but it doesn’t have to be. We really can learn how to raise a child who is loving, responsible and happy. No kidding.

Good Parenting Skills and Tips

Parenting is one of the most important responsibilities we will ever take upon us, and yet what training do we receive for this awesome task? In school we learn algebra, history, and English, but not how to raise happy and responsible children. We receive no parental guidance training or how to deal with stress of being parents.

Our lack of preparation is reflected in the condition of our children. They often sulk and glare at us. They fail to carry out the responsibilities we give them. They don’t do their homework. They argue and fight with one another. They make a great deal of noise, often with the generous assistance of amplifiers and speakers. They bring their problems and bad attitudes to school, where they’re disruptive and irresponsible. And that’s just the beginning!

Despite our best intentions, most of us are woefully unprepared to become parents. You want to be a parent who finds parenting deeply rewarding instead of tedious and frustrating.

But maybe you...

  • have no clue why your children are so often angry, rebellious and impossible.
  • feel isolated. You wish you had people to talk to who KNOW how to parent successfully.
  • need help teaching your children, even adult children, to be loving, responsible, and happy.

No matter where you are in your parenting journey, you want your children to be happy, loving and responsible.

We can help you realize those worthy desires.

  • NO MORE arguing with your kids. It's like heaven on earth.
  • NO MORE arguing between children. Impossible? Nope
  • NO MORE  tantrums, begging, whining, and complaining. What a relief!!
  • NO MORE  drama at bedtime. What would THAT be like?!
  • NO MORE  clinging to electronics, phones or more. Bring them back to life.
  • NO MORE  self harming. Free them from self-medicating their pain.
  • NO MORE  arguing between you and your partner over how to handle the kids.

Parenting can be confusing and frustrating, that's why we teach you a practical process to "LoveandTeach" your children so they will feel happy, loved, loving and responsible.

Your Parenting Problems Solved

Scroll through this list and find the problem that keeps you awake at night. We have a solution for you.

Click below to find more parenting concerns:

Read and Watch

These blogs and vlogs will give you great insight into how to deal with your parenting struggles.

What Can You Do Now?

  • If you want to stop nagging and arguing with your kids
  • If you really want to know how to help your children to be truly happy, responsible and loving
  • If you’re tired of being angry or feeling guilty about doing everything "right"!

Now you have the opportunity to do something that will transform your life—and the lives of your children—forever. Check out the Ridiculously Effective Parenting Training today!

Check out the Parent Training!

Eliminate confusion and conflict with your children.

Real Love in Parenting Book Cover

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Despite our best intentions, most of us are woefully unprepared to become parents. In Real Love and Parenting, you'll learn why children so often are angry, rebellious, disobedient, and otherwise difficult, and what to do about it. And you'll discover that parenting can be deeply rewarding, instead of tedious and frustrating.

We need much more than just some new parenting techniques. We need to learn how to create the loving and richly rewarding relationships we all want. In Real Love in Parenting you'll learn:

  • How to have NO MORE arguing between you and your partner over how to handle the kids.
  • How to have NO MORE arguing between children. Impossible? Nope!

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They Say

Katja C.

Fairoaks, CA

"It is as if you've cracked the code to human behavior, and you are teaching me, and I can have better relationships, and I can help my kids. I am so relieved and happy not to be wandering around in the dark, doing this alone and doing it badly. Thanks for helping me and our family."

Katja C portrait

Dave E.

Bradford, UK

"After learning to love and teach from Real Love and Parenting, I can now talk to my son. And he listens. We have so much more fun together, and we are more connected. We talk all the time. This is life changing stuff."

Portrait of David E.