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As you learn the principles of Real Love, you will most likely ask how you can find and feel the real thing. It's the FEELING of Real Love that changes lives, not just the intellectual understanding of the concepts. Explore these resources as well as those listed on Finding Real Love.

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Watch the first hour free of the centerpiece of your Real Love education right here by clicking on the image. You can purchase the entire seminar on video streaming here. Include The Essentials of Real Love® Workbook, a highly effective resource for viewers as they apply the principles in the video, along with your viewing. 

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Watch and learn. Greg gives in-depth answers to participants on many difficult challenges in all areas of life.

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What they say...

Matthew B.|England

Like a sermon to my soul...

I listen to Greg’s video chats, and every one is like a sermon to my soul. I’ve been looking for the love in this message all my life. Real Love answers my questions, gives me emotional peace, and fills me in spiritual ways I’d never discovered before.

Debra W.|Texas

Feels very connecting...

I feel Greg's love in the video chats even after they are archived.... I actually feel for the person he's talking about as well... I think that is what I am experiencing at least. It feels incredible and very connecting."

Sarah S. |Minnesota

Outstanding resource...

The video chats are an outstanding resource for helping you stay connected to the truth, to 'understand and feel' the difference between Real Love and Conditional love, and to pull you out of a pit if you've fallen into one and forgotten everything!

martin b. |south africa

The truth rings in my ears...

 I watch video chats and listen to audio books all day. The truth just rings in my ears, and it’s changed our marriage and our parenting. So much peace and joy. And now my friends are studying Real Love too, so I’m surrounded by it everywhere I go.