Real Love and Personal Growth

Why Real Love and Personal Growth?

  • You'll lose your addictions to food, alcohol, drugs, sex, and others.
  • You won't get irritated at the many little things that bother you now.
  • You'll discover who you REALLY are.
  • You will eliminate fear from your life. That’s a miraculous feeling!


Worry a lot?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the sorrows and inconveniences in life? Do you find yourself feeling and acting dramatic about these events?

Sense that something is missing?

Is there a feeling of emptiness in your life that you can’t describe and you don’t know why it's there?

Live in the past and in fear?

Are you constantly living in the past and fearful of repeating the same mistakes over and over again? Do you feel fearful about too many things?

How Do You Know Our Personal Growth Advice is for You?

Everywhere we look, there are so many signs that something is seriously amiss in our society: as many as 20% of us are addicted to alcohol or drugs of some kind; one of nine men will spend some time of his life in prison; nearly 60% of our marriages end in divorce; 41% of ninth-grade students reported drinking alcohol in the past month; one-quarter of all adolescents contract a sexually transmitted disease before they graduate from high school; and 4 out of every 10 girls in the U.S. will become pregnant at least once while in their teens, with 80% of these pregnancies being unintended.

What is wrong here? What are people missing in their lives that causes them to act out in all these unhealthy ways? Regrettably, we have tended to see all these behaviors as separate problems, and because of our near-sightedness, we have been quite unsuccessful in resolving them.

  • Do you really have a hard time feeling happy and enjoying life?
  • Do you carry around feelings of guilt and shame — for things you did and didn’t do, for the people you’ve hurt?
  • Do you find yourself constantly getting into arguments and conflicts with your spouse, kids, and co-workers — even total strangers in traffic?
  • Do you keep attracting the wrong people and can’t seem to make a happy, fulfilling and peaceful relationship last?
  • Do you wonder why you feel the way you do, why you make the decisions you make. And you wish you could be clear about what drives you.

We'll help you discover who you really are and eliminate fear from your life so you can enjoy genuine emotional health and richly fulfilling relationships with your partner, friends and others. Now you can finally do something that will transform your life and relationships forever.

  • You'll lose their addictions to food, alcohol, drugs, sex, and others.
  • You won’t get irritated at the many little things that bother you now.
  • You’ll discover who you really are, which fewer than 1% of people realize now.
  • You’ll enjoy a richly fulfilling relationship with your partner, friends and others.
  • You will eliminate fear from your life. That’s a miraculous feeling!

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What they say...

Yvonne S.Uk

Real Love is incredible and unbelievable...

its incredible and unbelievable. If i could just do an ounce of what you do i would be satisfied. You do so much and have given crushed, broken, dead souls life even when there was never a hope of recovery. Its incredible. 

My life is unrecognizable because of Real Love.

tami S. WA

Real Love brings peace...

I'm so grateful for Real Love and the peace it's bringing. Bit by bit another layer of the onion gets peeled away...

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