Discover the Healing that Comes with an Intervention with Greg

If you are determined to make your life what you want it to be, consider the advantages of having Greg as your personal coach.

Real Love Interventions

As the world rapidly changes around us—ferociously fueled by the explosion of electronic communication—people are increasingly isolated from genuine connection. They talk about love, but they don’t know what it FEELS like, which is a primal and universal need.

A lack of love is always painful, prompting people then to react with fear, anger, confusion, and withdrawal, which lead inevitably to personal unhappiness, marital conflict, and enormous dysfunction between parents and their children, who feel lost and miserable.

The Real Love Programs offer an unprecedented volume of written and filmed material to teach people about unconditional love, but most people require an opportunity to FEEL it from another person. Real Love Intervention/Coaching fills that need for individuals, couples, and families, which heals the wounds that cause the fear and conflicts that destroy lives and relationships. 

What can a Real Love Intervention with Greg do for me?

  • What do you dream of? With Greg’s ongoing, undivided attention you’ll work together to define what you want and how to get it.
  • Replacing Fear and Confusion with Peace and Confidence … that’s what Greg does best.
  • Learn the Real Love principles, feel the principles, and apply the principles with the support and guidance of Greg.

Think About This

Imagine that you have chest pain, and you call me for a suggestion. If the symptoms are mild — consistent with a pulled rib muscle, for example — I might recommend that you rest and take a mild anti-inflammatory drug. The risk is low, and the solution is both inexpensive and likely to solve your problem.

Now suppose that the next week you call to say that you have new chest symptoms, which are more significant, but still consistent with a mild problem, like esophageal reflux (heartburn). I might suggest an over-the-counter antacid, like Maalox, alone or in combination with an over-the-counter H2-receptor antagonist like famotidine (trade name Pepcid AC). The risk is still fairly low, the solution a little more expensive.

The next day, however, you tell me that you're having severe chest pain, which radiates down your arm, along with difficulty breathing. Before I even speak, you absolutely refuse to go to the hospital. What should I recommend?

So, in the presence of heart attack symptoms, if I recommend an easy treatment — one you want — I'll actually contribute to your death. Or I can go against your wishes and recommend what you need, which will likely save your life.

It is the same in Real Love. Some people benefit simply from reading a book. Others require much more, and I recommend what is required — what is needed, not more, nor less — rather than what would be convenient. How could I do otherwise?

To be sure, interventions are more expensive than reading a book, but for those who require them, interventions are not more time consuming or difficult. To pursue treatment that is ineffective is frustrating, consumes much more time, and prolongs the pain that eventually may lead to a condition where no treatment will ever work.

Do interventions always work? No — some people are so firmly entrenched in being right that they cannot learn or feel the love being offered. Does that mean an intervention was the wrong thing to offer? Not at all. Exercise is known to result in physical fitness, and yet many people will not exercise, which does not invalidate the effectiveness of exercise. Similarly, many people will not study in order to learn, which does not make studying ineffective.

Interventions Can Be Miraculous

When people need an intervention, and when they are willing to trust, the results can be miraculous. If you have doubts about what you should do, listen to the recommendation of your certified Real Love coach or click on the button.


What they say...

Bill c|international super coach

Most important principles...

What Greg teaches are some of the most important principles in the history of mankind. I know that’s a pretty strong statement, but I have used these principles and proven that to be true.

debra w|texas

I felt for the first time I was loved and mattered...

My favorite memory was being listened to like a 16-year-old talking to her dad. I went to intervention very skeptical, I would hold back receiving love because it was foreign to me. Yet that evening before I went to bed Greg listened to me ramble and ask questions like he had all the time in the world. Like I always envisioned a dad would. I tear up writing this because then I felt for the first time I was loved and mattered. I had never in my life felt that.

lech k.|poland

The most powerful feeling...

I spent some time with Greg, and since then all I have to do is remember how I felt, and I feel peaceful and uplifted again. It’s the most powerful feeling I’ve ever had in my life. I only wish I’d had it much earlier.

Roger w.|australia

It's like a miracle...

My marriage was almost over, and our kids were acting out more and more. But then I talked to Greg, and we decided to really dive in and do it. We did everything Greg said to do. Everything. And now our marriage is stronger, and our teenage girl is almost unrecognizable. She’s happy and cooperative and kind to her brother. It’s like a miracle.

So thanks Greg, for your time and for all the information we found on the website.

Ron g.|texas

He loved me with all my faults...

The first time I felt unconditionally loved was by Greg at a weekend retreat.  After I had spoken my truth, he asked me what I wanted.  I told him I wanted to feel loved.  Sitting across the room, he said to me, “come here”.  He held me.  I felt loved and I did not have to do anything to earn it.  He loved me with all my faults. I had never experienced anything like this before.  I actually cried.  Real Love has drastically changed my life.

connie r.|california

Freed me to live a more authentic life...

I was introduced to Real Love by Greg Baer two years ago. My life is happier. the awareness that Real Love has given me with my own blind spots has freed me to live a more authentic life.

stephanie r.|texas

I am happier...

"I am doing what you are teaching me to do. I am living the RL principals. I am learning every day. I am transforming to who I truly am. To how God created me to be, in love. No more feeling like I'm rolling the dice. No more  hoping for good days. I'm learning what to do. And I trust. And trusting more and more.  I am lovable. I am loved. I am loving. I am happy and happier than I have ever lived."

lori c.|arizona

I know that I am never alone...

"Thank you, thank you, thank you. I was struggling last week with some issues that I was experiencing with my oldest daughter. I was able to talk to my Real Love friends, and Greg too. It reminded me of how grateful I am for Real Love and for all of you. I KNOW that I am never alone and always loved♥"

Gigi L.|california

I know that I am never alone...

"This book, and it author, Dr. Greg Baer, have changed my life! It is amazing how much love I now have for people. I thought I knew what unconditional love was. No chance for that. Now I'm learning every day!"

Margorie S. georgia

I can laugh again and enjoy my life...

One year ago from now, I was sitting in a living room in Georgia in front of a man I had met only once. I had told him NOTHING about me or my life yet he knew everything about me that mattered. And for 2 days I practiced listening and trusting and my life will never be the same. I am so grateful for what Greg Baer has learned to do and is now teaching me to do. I have a life now I could have NEVER created on my own. I giggle now as I realize my life is similar to an infomercial because what I'm hearing is "but wait, there's more!" REALLY? More than THIS? Bring it on!!

Byron D. |california

He makes it so simple...

My wife and I had gotten to a critical place in our marriage, where neither of us was sure we were going to make it. After one hour with Greg, our entire attitude changed, and now we’re back to being loving with each other. Dang, he makes it so simple and practical that you can hardly fail.

elizabeth m. |new york

I can hardly believe it...

I thought my family was doing pretty great. I really did. And then my husband left me. And one day my son told me that he hated me and to go **** myself. I finally woke up. I realized I wasn’t the person I thought I was. I met with Greg and talked to him on the phone a bunch of times. That was months ago. Now my son goes out of his way to be with me. He smiles when I come into the room. He sits right next to me on the couch when we watch a movie. I can hardly believe it. I’m so grateful.

anna b. |texas

Starting over and I like it...

I haven’t had a healthy relationship with a man in my entire life, and I’ve known a LOT of men. I’ve allowed myself to be used and abused, and as a result I had no self-esteem at all. Greg taught me what it felt like to be unconditionally loved. I couldn’t believe how great it felt, and I decided I wasn’t going to settle for less than that great feeling ever again. I feel like I’m starting over, and I like it.

Robin m. |arizona

Did it with compassion...

You have to see Greg’s humor to believe it. He helped me see how foolish I’ve been all these years, and yet he did it with compassion.

anne r. |north carolina

Allowed me to feel love...

Greg allowed me to FEEL love.  Not the love I was taught as a child to adulthood but the true love people speak about. I was able to virtually eliminate the need to medicate my pain because my pain, my wounds have healed.  My capacity to take in life has increased. I have experienced,  lived, felt, breathed more in my life since my intervention then I did all prior years of being alive.

angela m. |maryland

I am having the time of my life...

Real Love is caring about happiness of another without any thought about what you can get for yourself. Real love is unconditional....real love....needs NO conditions. None. zero. I'm STILL wrapping my head around this profound truth and because of all that I have learned from Greg, I can say purely from the depth of my soul that I am having the time of my life as I continue on my journey.

Sandra S. |texas

I love Real Love...

I love Real Love... it makes loving joyful! Thank you Greg Baer for writing Real Love, your life changing workshops and coaching. Now, if we could only get this to be a required course at schools and churches! Lol