Greg's Real Love Video Chats

From 2006 to 2019 Greg hosted a weekly live video chat answering the questions and concerns of Real members.

Now these resources are available free to everyone. With literally hundreds of hours of Real Love online education at your fingertips we provide content and instruction on finding happiness in your life.

Learn to look at life through the clarifying lens of Real Love and eliminate the confusion and frustration in your life.

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Video Chats

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What they say...

Matthew B.|England

Like a sermon to my soul...

I listen to Greg’s video chats, and every one is like a sermon to my soul. I’ve been looking for the love in this message all my life. Real Love answers my questions, gives me emotional peace, and fills me in spiritual ways I’d never discovered before.

Debra W.|Texas

Feels very connecting...

I feel Greg's love in the video chats even after they are archived.... I actually feel for the person he's talking about as well... I think that is what I am experiencing at least. It feels incredible and very connecting."

Camille H.|canada

Best Real Love tool...

The best Real Love tool around are the video chats.  You can listen to them whenever you want, on the phone or whatever. They are very engaging, educational & connecting. You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll come back for more.

esse m.|england

Use segments during Family Meetings...

I use segments of the video chats and blogs during our Family Meetings. They are a wonderful way of introducing the children to the principles of Real Love.

 siobhan s.|ireland

I listen to them all the time...

I LOVE the video chats. I learn so much, and a lot of the time I laugh myself sick. The way Greg describes the truth about our behavior is hilarious. I listen to them while I’m walking, sitting, sleeping, all the time. Over and over.

Jennifer F.|texas

The storm is gone...

Most of my life people have commented how "cool and calm" I am. What they didn't know is I was simply very skilled at hiding the storm inside. Now with Real Love, the storm is gone and I FEEL cool & calm. The best part is I'm learning to share love and teach others how to do the same. Watching the Real Love Video Chats is a fantastic resource to keep this process going.

Sarah S. |Minnesota

Outstanding resource...

The video chats are an outstanding resource for helping you stay connected to the truth, to 'understand and feel' the difference between Real Love and Conditional love, and to pull you out of a pit if you've fallen into one and forgotten everything!

martin b. |south africa

The truth rings in my ears...

 I watch video chats and listen to audio books all day. The truth just rings in my ears, and it’s changed our marriage and our parenting. So much peace and joy. And now my friends are studying Real Love too, so I’m surrounded by it everywhere I go.

david m.|california

One of my favorite things to do...

One of my favorite things to do while enjoying my morning coffee is to go on the Real Love site and listen to one of Greg’s Video Chats. Real Love has changed my life! I now find myself surrounded by an incredibly loving and supportive community of people all striving to love others unconditionally. 

susan D.|arizona

Helps me feel encouraged...

Video chats give me the chance to see Greg, hear him, and feel that he is speaking directly to ME (no matter what the topic), all in the privacy and convenience of my own home. Trusting that I can learn how to be happy is a daily practice. The inspiration, fun, and love I feel from Greg on the video chats helps me feel encouraged enough to keep going. 

Matt G.|utah

I always feel better...

The best part of Real are the archived video chats. I ALWAYS feel better – loved – after watching one.

Jacquelyn B.|Nevada

They keep me connected...

I am grateful for the Real Love website and Greg's Video Chat. They keep me connected and my growth continues. Real Love has healed my wounds transformed my marriage and relationships and as a person who has chronic pain, I can say I can still be happy.