Video Chat 384

Video Chat 384

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00:00  Disappointment and comparing; wanting others to be like us.

07:44  What you need and what you want coincide = growing up.

12:46  God can take the garbage of our mistakes and make something beautiful out of us.

14:23  There is no limit to love and joy.

20:47  Addictions are used to survive pain.

24:56  We have to start now doing the work that we will need years from now.

33:37  Man is able to sit calmly with dying father.

38:18  Being wrong does not mean you are bad.

46:34  We are taught as children to please other people, be manipulated and controlled.

52:16  Woman gets loved, overcomes tremendous anxiety and realizes that she is happy to be herself.


Addiction, Parenting, Personal Growth

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