How to Deal with a Lazy Adult Child and more: Real Love® Video Chat 387

See timestamp 35:04 to watch How to Deal with a Lazy Adult Child.

Greg talks about dealing with a grandson who damages her home, using consequences to teach lazy adult child how to be responsible, & more.

Listen to the chat here:

Topics covered in this Video Chat:

00:00 Adult grandson lies about damaging her home; how to protect herself and keep him in her life

05:30 Woman who has lived in fear, controlling, anger, criticism, starts her day with a prayer of gratitude

12:42 Mother uses play-acting to teach daughter how she is being a victim

19:14 Happiness & solid peace takes patience, doing what we need to do every day

25:36 Old treatments of PTSD (slapping, cold water drench) akin to parents yelling at children

30:41 Man drives away wife and daughter with his lecturing

35:04 Father learns how to use consequences to teach his lazy adult child with expensive “ridiculous” degree how to be responsible and ultimately happy.


adult children, Parenting, Personal Growth

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About the author 

Greg Baer, M.D.

I am the founder of The Real Love® Company, Inc, a non-profit organization. Following the sale of my successful ophthalmology practice I have dedicated the past 25 years to teaching people a remarkable process that replaces all of life's "crazy" with peace, confidence and meaning in various aspects of their personal lives, including parenting, marriages, the workplace and more.