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Ask this in every interaction: I choose to be loving because…

01:06 People Pleaser learns how to deal with rude distracting roommate.

05:50 Thinking may mean we are figuring out how to defend ourselves = fear.

09:49 Consistency crucial in helping an entitled child to learn gratitude, responsibility.

22:29 If goal is to never make mistakes, you won’t have a life.

24:11 Man learns to take responsibility for his fears and get the love he needed.

29:17 Parents ruining kids with niceness -Dealing with a child who refuses diaper changes.

35:22 Killed From Niceness – Mt Everest ascent

38:05 Woman obeys the Laws of Happiness and changed her life.

40:29 Metaphor using insomnia and emotional pain.

41:26 Relationships and Imitation love - If we live the Laws of happiness, we will be happy.


Parenting, Personal Growth

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