We All Have PTSD: How Childhood Experiences Affect Us Now

We All Have PTSD 

In this "nugget" from Video Chat 286, a man describes his PTSD reaction to to an innocent situation, all because of how it related to something from his childhood, or Post-Childhood Stress Disorder (PCSD).


I got an email that said, “This morning I had a surprising experience.

"I was walking with my wife, pretty relaxed, and then suddenly she thought of an old associate named,” we’ll say Fred, which happens to be the name of the guy who's writing this email, so an old associate with the same first name as her husband. 

“And she began to say something about him. She raised her voice to make her point and as soon as she raised her voice, all I heard was my name being shouted and immediately my insides just cringed top to bottom with fear because I never heard my name spoken as a child with a tender tone.

"Every single time my name was spoken it was spoken loudly in anger with criticism. And even though she wasn't talking about me, I cringed.

"I flashed back to her scolding me in the past for being inconsiderate or whatever. Talk about PTSD!

"It took many minutes for me to come down from that false alarm.

"The more I read about PTSD, the more I understand about people, the more serious I see this is.”


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