Can You Feel the Connection

Choose to Reach Out and Feel Connected

In this short segment from Video Chat 380, Greg teaches that you have available what you need to feel connected and not alone.


You concluded, “It was a beautiful reminder of how disconnected and lonely I used to feel all the time, how happy and fulfilling my life is now, and how when we take the time to connect with the truth we cannot feel alone.” Nice description. 

“My wise person then suggested that I message them during the day when I'm at work to remember what's true. Just message. She might not even answer but just my reaching out digitally enhances my connection to that person. And she was right. It worked. Every time I messaged her whether she was busy and didn't return my texts or she wasn't, did return my texts, I felt connected simply by holding out my hand.” 

How easy it can be to forget to stop and reach out and get what we need. How could somebody read that, how could somebody hear that like you're hearing it right now and not feel encouraged? We have available what we need. We do. Everybody who's listening to me talk right now, you have what you need. You have an opportunity to feel connected. You could come back to this Video Chat and feel connected again because what I'm doing with you right now is connecting with you. 

We have a choice whether we feel the connection, but the connection is there. You'll hear this phrase from people who some people who understand and some people who don't that everything is connected, that everybody is connected. Turns out that's true. Quantum physics has proven that that's true. We are all connected. Can we feel it? Can we remember it? It's a choice. 

So we have available what we need but usually, we need to reach out in some way to find it, to feel it. We may not actually make a physical connection with somebody, but we can still feel it just by reaching out. Waiting around for other people to read our minds and connect with us doesn't work so well. So once again, it comes down to a choice that we make. We choose to feel connected. We choose to be happy.

No longer feel alone! 

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