Video Chat 64

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Topics covered in this Video Chat:

01:33 What to do when a very young child bites

05:02 Teaching children using rewards trains them to be like an animal is not loving

08:45 Unless we're taught differently we end up with what we learned, not what we want

21:20 Find a solution to small annoyances, don't try to change your partner

24:45 Looking in to somebody's eyes is very intimate, so people often feel judged if you stare at them

27:55 Play is not a reward, it's what we're here to do - experience joy

29:22 We don't impose consequences on adults, but we have choices about what we do

30:10 Victims will walk around complaining about everything

32:02 The law of choice is way more important than trying to control other people who annoy us

40:24 How to love and teach a teenager who used porn on his parent's computer

47:44 The tragic effects of imitation love on people that have never felt Real Love

53:23 How to potty train a little child in just a few days


Marriage, Parenting, Personal Growth

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