Video Chat 65

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Topics covered in this Video Chat:

00:00 What part of Ex-Spouses communicating do people not understand

07:34 The birds and bees, sex conversation

08:41 When to have sex in a relationship

17:17 Why kids need to make their own choices, with what they are wearing

15:27 Now I am offended by you

19:06 My 3yr old choices his own clothes

21:23 The less loved we feel, the more we protect ourselves

25:06 Roller coaster rides, this too shall pass

28:50 Classical exchange of protecting behaviors

35:57 How do you talk about sex with a teenager/when/ or adults

36:23 What’s the view about sex and sex toys, porn

39:48 What about porn in the bedroom

40:45 What about lingerie, strip tease with your partner

44:15 Definition of addiction

42:10 What about women wearing sexy underwear feeling good

42:32 What about a teenage daughter wearing sexy underwear, thongs

43:37 Teenage boy, porn and masturbation and others

45:15 What does RL look like

46:42 Husband makes sexual, crude jokes, how to respond lovingly

50:22 When we are tired and worn out

52:33 What age do we talk to our children about sex

53:42 Getting a child to bed and staying there


Addiction, Dating, Marriage, Parenting

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