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3:10 The solution to feeling socially retarded and being a victim is to trust someone to love you and learn to feel loved

19:40 We need to love people where they are and what they are right now, so they can hear that we got it

21:48 The first time people feel unconditional love they don't know what to do with it, so they try to convert it to imitation love

22:40 It's important to refer to people in RL in the harshest and most accurate terms, so they know we really see them

25:45 When angry people attack us, controlling them is not the answer, tell them what you will do - like leave or get out etc

33:08 Teach children principles, don't get caught up in details. You can never apply a consequence to make a child be loving

41:18 Just because someone invites you to a conflict/"gunfight", doesn't mean you have to go!

43:10 Victims gather people on their side to be more right; just listen to them, then do a little lovingandteaching

52:25 Children need to make their own choices where they understand the consequences - health is not one of them


Anger Management, Parenting, Personal Growth

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