Video Chat 45

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Topics covered in this Video Chat:

00:00 Different people getting different feelings from the same RL experience - believing lies, resisting and guilt are exhausting!

04:09 Helping kids understand adults using power over them eg. teachers

10:18 Children learn nothing from "Stop that" - children need to be taught how their behaviors affect others

21:00 Deciding to use 'Pleases and thank yous' as an adult - offering love to empty people

24:30 Helping children see that their teacher may be a butthead

31:00 Texting your child / partner to check they are safe IS nagging / clinging

35:50 The stolen doughnut story - continued: will it scar my son for life to know that I lied to him?

43:37 I was wrong to lie

43:58An item that's precious to me has gone missing from a classroom - how do I address this lovingly?


Parenting, Personal Growth

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