Video Chat 44

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Topics covered in this Video Chat:

00:00 Law of choice and a spouse who wants a divorce

05:42 Children are not responsible for their parent’s happiness, even when they threaten suicide

11:11 Expectations in RL versus expectations that are contracts / standards

14:35 Inappropriate child’s behavior - A hitting child

21:32 Is it my business to tell a RL friend they sound insincere?

24:33 Dealing with a demanding child

28:31 RL in a school for challenging children - "It’s your parent’s fault that you're here"

32:03 Feeling lost when you give up victimhood - how do I make the transition?

37:54 RL in prisons "RL melts monsters"

41:09 I ate my son's doughnut and lied - how do I tell the truth now without hurting him?

47:13 Physical symptoms of psychological pain / clinical depression

53:18 My husband is disengaging from RL group and the kids are unhappier


Marriage, Parenting, Stress Management

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