Video Chat 46

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Topics covered in this Video Chat:

00:00 The eternal student = the ultimate in "no responsibility" = consummate victimhood

14:09 How many times do I 'apologize' to my adult child for screwing her up?

20:12 How do you give RL to a world class victim?

22:41 Don't take on a victim's pain

25:00 RL is needed in the workplace as much as anywhere else - if not more

27:34 Not buying the lettuce is unloving (not listening)- so don’t defend / be right / use RL as a shield

31:14 Humans are rubbish at listening (email / phone / face to face) and often have 2 parallel but separate conversations - why? because they're empty

39:25 Seeing the effects of RL seeds sown several years down the line

42:41 People who don't listen are telling you they are incapable of loving

46:00 My miserable unloving relative wants to come to stay again: are you ready to lift 80lbs yet?


Parenting, Personal Growth, Workplace

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