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Topics covered in this Video Chat:

00:00 How can my friend get her husband to stop being a butthead?

02:26 Warning people to keep away when you're feeling empty / ill / tired - "It's not you, I'm the problem"

05:26 Kids who are failing in academically, behaviorally and criminally are getting NO real love ANYWHERE

16:10 I employed a friend to do a job and the work was faulty - dealing with this lovingly

25:23 My diabetic husband is killing himself with his health choices - how do I eliminate my fear and love him?

34:30 It bothers me that my son thinks that daddy works much harder than me, and he knows it

40:39 What should determine whether you should leave a relationship

47:53 Should I bring up my daughter's weight issue with her / give her membership to weight watchers?

51:42 Marriage or a partnership should be considered a team sport - we not I


Marriage, Parenting, Personal Growth

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