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00:00 Difference between Greg in person and on video chats

02:18 Mother late to pick up teenager; handled lovingly

08:58 Inconsistency: changing the rules in our favor; in games and in parenting

14:23 Purpose of law: to inform and free us

15:11 Consistency: picking just one thing to focus on: NO UNKINDNESS EVER

17:30 Second thing to be consistent with: You tell kids to do something and they do it, now

17:52 Boyscout troop rules: don’t hurt other’s property, don’t hurt other’s feelings, when leader talks, you aren’t

20:14 The effect of consistency: huge impact in just 3 days

21:37 Wife using children to feel worthwhile

23:30 Kids greatly damaged by being made responsible for pleasing parents

25:12 Speaking to wife about using kids; point out her irritation

26:37 Specific examples are most helpful: Keeping kids dependent

29:25 Other examples: tying kids shoes for them, making their beds

30:34 Parents doing chores for children.. why?

31:08 Over complimenting kids, prolonging bedtime, pampering child when hurt

33:50 Fiance’s mother being intrusive; wanting to put off marriage due to 15 yr old son

40:13 Greg suggests ignoring mother and sister; how to tell them “no”

44:26 Choosing to not be offended by mother’s rudeness

45:39 How to deal with mother’s comments about weight; a way to respond

51:34 What to say to a friend who is negative or critical about mutual friends


Marriage, Parenting, Personal Growth

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