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May 22, 2017

Personal Growth

On a recent day I heard two people referring to the death of a friend. Among other expressions, they said:
“She lingered for so long.”
“How she suffered.”
“Her family had to take care of her for such a long time.”
“I’m sure she wished that she hadn’t chosen all that chemotherapy. It just prolonged her misery.”

Within a few hours, I heard two other people talking about another death:
“It’s all so painful, so sudden.”
“We were all so unprepared.”
“So unexpected.”

We love our drama. We love the attention we get from setting the stage, turning up the lights, and then acting out our little plays for the entertainment and applause of others. Life is too short or too long. Death comes too slowly or too swiftly. We have too much work to do, or we have nothing to do and complain of boredom. We agonize over having too many children, or over having none at all.

Drama creates an artificial excitement that seems better than the vacuum of our lives in the absence of Real Love. But drama only amplifies the pain of everything. It might provide a bit of excitement or control, but never happiness.

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