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00:00 Worrying over every single mistake is not a step.

02:21 Choosing a happy marriage before exercising your right.

09:18 Give FREELY or not at all.

11:51 Mother protecting her child by loving her husband.

23:39 Grandmother loves and teaches her granddaughter.

27:38 BEAUTIFUL example of love treating addictions.

30:58 When we "forgot", we chose NOT TO REMEMBER.

33:22 SEE, don't USE each other, and remember you're loved when dating.

36:43 Trust the love and be grateful for it, and everything will change.

43:35 How to handle a controlling and demanding mother.

49:45 Trust and vulnerability VS neediness.

51:28 Loving without feeling responsible for the other person's feelings.


Addiction, Dating, Marriage, Parenting, Personal Growth

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