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00:00 When we rationalize expectations in a marriage it's the kiss of death

05:58 If one partner is willing to be different and change, the other partner is usually willing to stick around before ending the marriage

15:02 Rules and consequences are to teach children about right and wrong, not to punish them

21:40 Making hurtful mistakes, even with our children, is unavoidable as we learn

25:20 There's a priority to loving people - and our partner needs to be first

30:14 Loving people isn't about pleasing them, that's just earning their approval

31:20 It's not true that other people "make" us feel anything - like angry, sad, scared - it's a lack of real love

37:54 Resentments leave an impurity in our hearts, and keep us from being loving and happy

45:56 Forgiving is kind of selfish because it implies that we had a right to judge them in the first place, just accept and love people

48:13 When picking a life partner choose someone who is capable of learning to be loving to us also, and let it magnify the love

56:51 Having the courage to be responsible and loving, instead of being right, takes huge courage


Dating, Marriage, Parenting, Personal Growth

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