How to Teach a Toddler to Listen & More: Video Chat 121

Go to 09:28 to watch How to Teach a Toddler to Listen.

In this video chat, Greg answers questions about how to respond to someone who criticizes you, teaching a 3-year-old to listen, loving your child is more important than anything, talking to a touchy-feely boss, family gathering problems, control, manipulation and more.

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00:00 When people are critical, feeling defensive is a choice.

05:05 How to respond to someone who criticizes you.

09:28 How to teach a toddler to listen to their parent

17:40 How to tell your boss you don't want him to continue touching you without blaming him. 

26:46 On the whole, people don't like being told they look a certain way (tired, thin, sick) because it's a judgment.

31:51 What to say when something is stolen at a family gathering.

37:51 It's fun to share light and love with drowning people

42:02 The difference between manipulation and caring about someone is if you have an expectation vs. useful feedback.

46:48 We let people control us and insult us if we believe lies about ourselves.

50:02 Instead of trying to change someone's opinion, ask questions to get to know them and become closer.

54:32 Loving your child is more important than him eating a balanced diet.


Parenting, Personal Growth, Workplace

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