Video Chat 119

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Topics covered in this Video Chat:

00:00 Trip to phoenix and now back

01:05 What are the major obstacles in marriage?

04:08 In a group and when to give advice

08:28 Being saved from feeling worse than suicidal

10:20 Knowing when to give up in a relationship

13:52 Is it wrong in wanting partner to apologize?

17:45 Is it any of my business? (Situation where friend is getting married after 3 weeks of romance)

26:22 How do I handle a friend that keeps telling me what to do.

34:56 Married - set goals for you not for spouse

43:29 Loving advise for mother to give son that cut her off for years

50:34 Christian in conflict about God laws and her relationships


Dating, Marriage, Personal Growth, Stress Management

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