January 12

Two Wounds, Two Solutions — The Power of Real Love in Healing

January 12, 2011

Personal Growth

In the absence of sufficient Real Love, two serious wounds are created simultaneously. First, we are deprived of the element most essential to our happiness, so we’re in pain. Emotionally, we are bleeding. Second, when we’re in pain, we see everything in terms of how it will either relieve or worsen our discomfort. We can no longer see things as they truly are, which is to say that we are blind.

In the absence of sufficient Real Love, then, we are bleeding and blind, and unless we address both of these wounds, we’ll be crippled and unable to achieve the happiness we need and want. On occasion, conventional therapy can be marginally successful in addressing our blindness. Issues are analyzed—often interminably—to achieve some understanding of how we adopted our present beliefs, but that still leaves us bleeding, with one eye half-open.

Conventional therapy rarely offers what we need most, which is to feel loved unconditionally. As we tell the truth about ourselves and accept the Real Love of wise men and women, the deep wounds inflicted by thousands of “I don’t love you’s” are healed. In the absence of pain, we also begin to see the world clearly, and thus we are no longer bleeding or blind.

Notice that the title of this piece is not “Two Wounds, Two Bandages.” With Real Love we don’t just cover up our wounds—“bandage them.” We heal them and build our lives on a foundation of happiness and peace, rather than reacting feverishly to one crisis after another.

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