December 22

It’s a Landslide

December 22, 2014

Personal Growth

Several years ago I saw pictures of a landslide that had just occurred in the mountains of South America. An enormous section of the mountain simply slid down to the valley below, and what remained was an enormous wound on the face of the earth.

Two years later I saw photos of the same valley. Grasses and shrubs covered the old scar, and a lovely lake had sprung into existence where the river in the valley had been dammed up by the mud and soil from the slide. In just a couple of years, devastation had been transformed into a beautiful scene.

Many of us reach a place where we realize that the way we’ve lived simply doesn’t work. If we are willing to face the truth, it can seem as though we are experiencing an emotional and spiritual landslide of epic proportions. Our lives may even seem like an enormous wound or mistake.

As we learn new principles and acquire new feelings and behaviors, however, we plant the seeds that grow and transform the landscape of our lives. We find a joy and beauty in living that we never would have known without the pain of the “landslide” we endured.

Recognizing the truth and enduring the pain of change requires the highest forms of courage and trust, but the rewards are worth it.

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