The Beauty of Babbling

April 13, 2015

Stress Management

Susan’s life had been unhappy for decades, but she found Real Love and began to find a level of happiness she’d never imagined. She called me one day and began talking without a breath. As fast as she could speak, she told me about her job, her children, her new friends, her garden, and more. Finally, she said, “I must not be making any sense. I’m sorry.”

“You’re just babbling,” I said.

“Like a child. How ridiculous.”

“Yes, exactly like a child, but no, not ridiculous. You never had a happy childhood, where people listened to every word that came out of your mouth. But now you’re getting the attention you’ve always deserved. Of course you’re babbling—and it’s beautiful.”

Most of us never had an unconditionally loving childhood. When we finally discover the love we’ve always wanted, we feel like children. We can regain the healthy childhood we never had.


Regain the healthy childhood you never had.


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