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00:00 We can choose happiness instead of drama.
05:55 Why people don't want to hear a victim’s complaints.
07:04 How to willingly do a job, instead of resenting the boss.
11:47 The neediest partner is the speaker.
14:38 Just need one partner to commit to no conflict.
17:20 Sylvie and her mom choose no conflict.
19:08 What it means when we begin to feel love for people who are loving us.
21:50 Introvert vs. extrovert? We can be either if we don't add fear.
30:09 Feeling fear? Try something, learn from it, do the next thing.
35:20 Don't seem to fit in? Just be you.
39:44 Love a child consistently, it's all they need.
44:05 Unexpressed anger is still felt by those around us.
46:15 18-month old uses prayer to resolve tension.
47:17 Unhappy man only "enjoys" his wife if there's conflict.
49:30 Young kids can learn to ask for what they need when they feel loved.
53:47 One loving parent is enough.


Anger Management, Parenting, Personal Growth, Workplace

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