Ten Commandments for Teens and Children

By Greg Baer M.D.

September 10, 2014

Ten Commandments for Teens and Children


Thou shalt not demand that your parents be perfect.

Remember, they weren’t raised by perfect parents, so how in the world could they raise you perfectly? And you ain’t going to be a perfect parent either.


Thou shalt be grateful for what your parents provide.

You’ve only got two ways to go here:

1. You can be grateful for what you have, in which case you’ll be happy and responsible, and you’ll LOVE your life.


2. You can bitch and moan about what you DON’T have, you will be miserable for the rest of your life, and everybody will leave you.


Thou shalt be as kind to your parents, siblings, and friends as you wish your parents were to you.

Pretty hypocritical to demand that your parents always be sweet and kind while you’re not, don’t you think?


Thou shalt not settle for eating crap just because everybody else is doing it.

Just because ten million flies are eating crap, does that mean you should too? Sure, your friends APPEAR to be having a good time with sex, drugs, anger, and talking smack. But do they look really peaceful? The bottom line is this: considering the way your friends behave, would you want to be one of their children, to be raised by them? Really?


Thou shalt do your homework and your chores without complaining—ever.

Or else you’re screwed. Simple as that. You think your parents’ nagging is annoying? Then shut them up by simply doing what you’re responsible for. If you don’t learn to be responsible at home, your boss will teach you when he fires you, your boyfriend/girlfriend will teach you by leaving you, and eventually they’ll teach you in jail.


Thou shalt NEVER blame anybody else for how you feel.

Go ahead, try it. Blame everybody for your anger. Really, do it, and you’ll discover that you are a prisoner to every inconsiderate and thoughtless person you ever meet. And because there is no shortage of such people, your life will really suck.


Thou shalt never, ever complain unless you have a better idea.

Complaining is cheap, easy, and lazy. Unless you have a better idea than the one you don’t like, shut up. If you complain, you’ll always be unhappy, and people will soon get very tired of you.


Before you say or do anything, ask yourself if it’s loving and will make you happy in the long run.

Sure, sex, drugs, anger, and telling people what’s wrong with them can all be great fun for a moment, but the end results really, really stink.


Thou shalt find somebody much older than you and seriously trust them and listen to whatever they tell you about yourself.

Choose someone who isn’t angry or controlling, and then listen. They can give you the benefit of decades of experience and save you from a lifetime of unspeakable pain.


Thou shalt remember that within you are the seeds of more genuine happiness than you could possibly imagine right now.

You’re a kid. You couldn’t know what you’re capable of. People will tell you that you’re stupid, flawed, even worthless. They’re WRONG. Follow the rest of the commandments, and you’ll discover your true greatness.

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