Spock and Sarek

April 3, 2017

Personal Growth

On uncounted occasions, people have asked me what would be the wisest choice to make in a difficult circumstance. Sometimes I do offer advice, and it’s common for people to respond, “I don’t know if that would be a good idea.” And then they list the possible negative consequences of the choice I just described: somebody might be offended, the choice will lead to another difficult choice, other people won’t approve, and more.

In one of the Star Trek movies, we see an interaction between the legendary Spock and his father, Ambassador Sarek. Amidst some troubling events, Sarek said, “Speak your mind, Spock.”

“That would be unwise,” Spock said.

Sarek concluded: “What is necessary is never unwise.”

We tend to look at series of decisions backward. We look at all the negative things that could occur with each decision, and then we let our fears convince us that these decisions are “unwise.” Wrong approach. Happy and productive people look at what decisions are right, loving, and necessary, and then they simply pay the price for making those decisions. 

What is needed is never unwise, nor should it be avoided because of the attendant price.

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