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Topics covered in this Video Chat:

00:00 I have gift giving challenges - demands from family

06:13 My husband and I share few common interests - I want marriage to improve

10:15 Real Love Marriage book with my husband. He isn't truthful and plays the victim.

13:58 Can you address the fact that victims have a distorted view of reality

17:37 I cleaned out a refrigerator at work - A victim story

22:39 How can I feel more loving toward my son-in-law who as wronged us in many ways.

26:31 Husband left for a younger woman. The young woman has left him and now he wants to counsel together.

33:20 back to 22:39 I feel unloving toward my son-in-law.

40:22 My 24 year old son is coming home. He doesn't bathe or brush his teeth, any suggestions?

45:05 Our 11 year old has been taught to buy gifts for family.

46:15 I handle all the finances - My husband makes irresponsible purchases and places us deeper in debt.


Marriage, Parenting, Personal Growth

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