Video Chat 51

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Topics covered in this Video Chat:

00:00  Is getting upset about a messy house really about RL?

05:13 My fiancé won't commit to a wedding date, unless I give up smoking dope

09:40 Loneliness vs Emptiness

11:36 How do I get back into RL?

15:14 If no one can make us angry why is it possible to make people feel fearful?

18:15 Why is it different when a 5yr old learns RL vs someone in 12 step

20:11 Colleague's behaviors is interfering with my work

25:59 Allowing time apart from your daughter when you have a healthy relationship, even at Christmas

30:09 I'm thinking of getting back with my ex-husband now that I know about RL?

36:30 Should a 17yo be forced to attend a family Christmas party?

39:30 Can I change how I'm affected by an angry / frightening colleague?

45:45 My 12yo son is sick of the special song I've sung him since birth, should I stop?

49:23 How do I help my drug-addicted son?

53:36 Psychiatrists don't do therapy


Addiction, Anger Management, Marriage, Parenting, Personal Growth, Workplace

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