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Topics covered in this Video Chat:

00:00 Negotiating the details of sex in a marriage when desires differ

20:31 What if a partner says no

16:40 Needing some imitation love in your sex life

18:40 If you preface a subject too much your doomed

22:51 The primary decision (your partner) versus firefighting and trading imitation love with your children/ parents / others

31:36 RL in the workplace / meetings - have an agenda

34:11 I’m afraid my friend will leave

36:00 Food addiction/Anorexia/teaching a child No

40:16 Faith IS walking in the dark

43:20 Leaving any relationship in anger is because you are not loving enough

It is ok to leave a zero relationship - but then there's no anger

49:14 Being selfish is a big issue for me

54:44 Being disappointed in our children makes them responsible for our happiness


Addiction, Marriage, Parenting, Workplace

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