How to Love Someone in Pain and more: Video Chat 344

Go to 12:26 to watch How to love someone who is in physical pain.

Greg talks about responding to a relative who blows up at you, how to love someone in pain, making choices instead of just acting, and more.

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Topics covered in this Video Chat:

00:00 How to respond to a relative that spontaneously blows up at you
08:08 No one told me to bring lettuce, and now they’re angry. How can I respond?
12:26 How to love someone who is in physical pain
14:43 Learning to set goals in line with who you are
21:16 Real partnerships are made by asking for what we want
32:58 Lovingly expressing to a friend you don’t want to talk about something
39:53 Making choices instead of just acting out the role you were taught
42:59 Choosing to stay in a partnership where partner doesn’t participate in Real Love


Anger Management, Marriage, Personal Growth

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