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00:00 Remember What is Real
09:18 Brilliant Mother stops paying the price for child's choices
23:33 When did we become unlovable? (The word is chiasmus)
29:08 The power of family meetings.
30:36 Is three seconds of you doing something worth nagging someone to do it?
32:26 Kids respond to silly song rather than a jailer.
39:31 Five year old being thoughtful and understanding the reason.
40:27 Paying the price of an alcoholic's choices.
43:49 Before correcting someone ask these four questions, then add these three.
46:58 Alternative to praising by engaging.
51:03 How to tell the truth about yourself to anyone.
56:00 How to be empowered when something uncomfortable happens.


Addiction, Parenting, Personal Growth, Stress Management

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