Video Chat 276

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Topics covered in this Video Chat:

00:00 Confusion about communicating with an ex partner.
07:49 The terrible consequences of NOT loving a child.
14:58 Kid beautifully recognizing his mother's love for him.
16:10 LOVE instead of saying "I'm sorry".
21:39 "Who I should be" vs "Who I am".
25:45 Standards and the difference between loving and serving.
29:10 Feeling loved banishes fear and enables happiness.
31:32 An example of loved children, fearless of being blamed.
36:41 Associating with people who can't love you.
41:01 Having faith and trusting while being afraid.
43:56 Prioritizing relationships.
46:10 Remember the love and let go of the darkness.
47:58 You DON'T have to answer questions.
51:16 Holding someone accountable without teaching.


Parenting, Personal Growth

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