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00:00 Just keep going until you get the feeling of Love
03:01 How to deal with a yelling mother.
06:53 When “friends” break a contract – no need to ‘talk about it’.
09:24 Focus on yourself and your RL work to transform marriage.
12:10 It’s not about the video game, it’s about how we use it.
13:28 Letter to ‘old flame’ – keep it simple.
18:28 Being loving is simple when you feel loved.
20:14 Ignoring criticism to defuse potential conflict.
21:00 You don’t have to feel perfect to be happy.
28:20 Frank discussion about sex between spouses leads to greater intimacy.
32:19 Kids asking for more loving solutions dealing with grandma.
37:35 Trouble sleeping: how to feel peaceful naturally.
40:58 How to be positive naturally.
43:42 Stop conflict – just do it sooner; don’t let victims influence you.


Marriage, Personal Growth

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