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00:00  Getting & Protecting behaviors. How do we learn them?
04:13  Love increases our capacity to deal with difficult circumstances.
05:34  Gratitude and the distancing effect of judgments.
07:48  Mother loves and teaches her child about true friendships.
16:48  Beautiful example of a 5-year old showing gratitude.
19:33  Teenager prepping for sex by shaving pubic hair.
26:40  Drunk grandparents taking care of a kid. What to do?
29:20  GET LOVED yourself, don't control people.
32:05  Gratitude. Being grateful enables happiness.
40:30  A child expresses gratitude for her mother’s commitment to Real Love.
43:57  Remembering the love and the effects of it.
47:19  Associating with and suppressing memories of childhood.
52:54  The unproductive usage of the word SHOULD.


Parenting, Personal Growth, Stress Management

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