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00:00 Ways to respond when someone says, "I love you” and avoid trading.
09:33 Expectations and following the social customs; sometimes you just do it.
11:16 Applying RL Parenting to an 11-year.old son who has destructive meltdowns.
16:32 Starting a new relationship, and the need to get RL from others.
19:12 Mother makes a commitment to change, and baby is more relaxed in her arms.
23:08 Poem about the importance of commitment, trusting.
25:26 'I hate to bother you' and other subtle manipulations--they are harmful to us.
28:50 If unconditional love were common, the world would not be as it is
29:45 Bad consequences of letting kids date young; shocking statistics of boys' porn addiction.
34:21 Dating gives kids false sense of worth and hyper-inflated expectations of life.
38:45 Give increasing consequences to kids who have bad behavior, or their lives are at risk.
43:06 Real Love has to be felt, not understood.
47:11 Couple learns to be more aware of feelings and needs of the other.
50:28 Stopping the cycle of parents unknowingly inflicting damage on their children.
55:20 Some people talk a lot when afraid--and others freeze up. Love is ALWAYS the answer.


Marriage, Parenting, Personal Growth

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