March 16

Follow Your Heart?

March 16, 2015

Personal Growth

As people struggle with a problem, often they say, “I can’t figure out what to do here. I’ll just have to follow my heart.”

Although that might sound wise—even spiritual—the potential dangers of this path need to be examined. For most of us, the heart is ruled by fear, so following our heart would meaning following or responding to our fears, which rarely produces a happy result.

When we’re afraid, we need to find and trust the love that will eliminate our fears. Only then can we choose wisely. Without fear, our “heart” becomes indispensable, because it represents an unconscious accumulation of all our life’s knowledge, as well as a link to the divine source of knowledge. If we can’t eliminate our fears, we might need the help of wise men or women to help us examine our decision or path.

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