Video Chat 199

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Topics covered in this Video Chat:
A loved 6-year-old child can respond lovingly to her father after he attacked her. 

03:43 Suggestions for times when we are too tired to listen to someone who wants to talk to us. 

           Fear of not getting the email to Greg just right.

10:36 A 16-year-old daughter, who was deprived of unconditional love, controls the house. 

27:48 A woman learns to see her victimhood

34:21 Trusting ended suffering.

37:10 Silvy teaches her mom not to be controlling.

38:37 Greg gives practical advice to a mother who has trouble with her active toddler. 

52:46 A 40-year-old woman learns to speak up for herself. 

55:24 Rather than complain, suggest how to do something differently.


Parenting, Personal Growth

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