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00:00 Even those who have 'everything', can suffer the pain of depression.

05:25 When you get really good at something, people don't see you, just what you can do for them, and you are still alone.

07:49 What the phrase 'you matter' really means.

09:50 Woman fears Greg broke a confidence by sharing about someone in RL.

12:00 What loving and serving are: we can love someone unconditionally without ever serving them, and also service does not mean loving.

15:43 Defending our mistakes, which leads to unhappiness, or just telling the truth about being irresponsible.

20:28 What to do about neighbors who have loud, disruptive party

26:32 Recognizing the damage inflicted by parents, and how this is passed down the generations.

33:55 Guidelines for deciding when it is time to take a break from their mother.

35:04 When one's spouse is in enormous pain, half-measures won't work.

41:30 Husband is selfish, angry, and dictatorial. Wife wants to know if she should have a baby in this situation.

47:30 Telling our partner what we need and how that is not the same as controlling.

50:17 We get to have preferences, to be a partner rather than a hostage. We train people how to treat us.


Marriage, Personal Growth

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