Video Chat 192

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Topics covered in this Video Chat:

00:00 With a compromise, everyone is dissatisfied to some degree

08:19 Don't compromise unconditional love and you both get what you want.

10:11 Loving is not technique, it's attitude.

13:03 If he/she loves me, what does his/her irritation mean?

14:50 50% lovin ain't enough.

15:38 Do sacrifices = real love?

18:37 Forgiveness can be temporary.

19:22 Disappointment and irritation.

21:46 There's very little real love in the world.

26:00 We are taught delusions.

30:42 Others listen better if you're specific.

32:40 Saying "I love you" when I don't.

36:08 Trust your feelings/No secrets between a parent and child.

38:52 A Sylvie Story

39:50 Are boundaries in a partnership, loving?

44:00 The cause of overextending yourself.

48:58 I paid my son to be irresponsible.

51:46 Humbled vs. Humble

53:28 This 27 year old living at home will be a disaster.


Marriage, Parenting, Personal Growth

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