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00:00  Parenting: don’t go to consequences too soon; privileges and responsibilities go together

05:00  Before correcting a partner, answer these four questions

10:36  The most common cause of conflict in couples is that one is a controller and the other a runner.

18:45  Woman learns that she manipulates her husband for attention.

21:58  Simply ask partner for what you want instead of expecting him to read your mind.

26:13  The primary goal of life isn’t to prolong it.

31:39  It is more important for partners to agree than that any money is spent on anything.

35:24  People who are victims are deaf; the difficulties of working with victims.

48:50  Sometimes the only thing to do is to say goodbye to someone who is learning nothing.

 51:45  Love and self-examination takes real effort; entertainment takes little effort.


Marriage, Parenting, Personal Growth

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