Trust vs Enjoy

May 17, 2017

When people are in pain, and afraid, and lost, the one quality they need most in order to find love is trust—trust in the truth, trust in love, trust in people who love them, trust in God. But when people are afraid, trust is not a natural act, and many people have never trusted anything or anybody. They can’t imagine trusting, and yet many of us say to such people, “You just need to trust.” They want to, but they have no idea how.

Nearly all my life I have played with children. I’ve watched them play among themselves, laugh, run, and eat ice cream. In all that time I’ve never encouraged a child to trust playing or trust eating ice cream. No, somehow, intuitively, they just enjoy ice cream, among other things.

As I have grown in my experience of loving people, I have learned that most people don’t understand what it means to trust love. But they do tend to have a better understanding, again intuitive, of simply enjoying love. So, maybe I’ve learned something, because now I tend more to recommend that people enjoy the love I offer, rather than trusting it. As they enjoy it, trusting seems naturally to follow.

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