February 28

The Real World

February 28, 2014

Personal Growth

On many occasions, people have sat in my home and felt the river of love available to them—from me, from God, and from others. I have shaken my head with wonder at their transformation as the fear and confusion have been replaced with peace, confidence, and joy. Often they will say, “I’m happier now than I’ve ever been in all my life—happier than I ever thought possible—but what happens when I leave here? How do I take this feeling out into the real world?”

Oh, that’s the problem, is that almost everybody BELIEVES they live in the “real world”—but they don’t. They live in a world where their perception of reality has been severely distorted from birth by the adults around them. They innocently and completely accept lies about themselves, their worth, their purpose, the people around them, and their relationships. With their choices based on lies, very few people find genuine happiness or fulfilling relationships.

THAT world of lies and distortions is not real. Oh, the interactions are real—in that they “happen”—and the pain is real, but such a world cannot be “real” in a desirable or productive sense, much as a photograph of a person is not the real person, even though it is certainly a real picture.

When we finally learn about Real Love, and when we feel it and share it, our perspectives change about nearly everything. The lies fall away, and what remains is real.

As we gain experience with these true perspectives, and as we use them to guide our choices, our lives become “real.” We still have to interact with people whose perspectives are distorted, whose world is “unreal”—with no condescension implied—but we are no longer seduced or distracted by them, because now we know the difference between real and not. This knowledge and the accompanying feelings give us true power in the world.

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