Real Love® and Post-Childhood Stress Disorder

Why Real Love for childhood trauma?

  • You'll be able to let go of the past.
  • You won't feel angry and confused anymore.
  • You'll feel peaceful and confident. People won't irritate you anymore.
  • Life will have meaning and be very fulfilling.


Have trouble letting go of the past?

Are you constantly living in the past and repeating the same mistakes over and over? 

Feel angry all the time?

Do you find yourself irritated with people a lot? Do you wish you felt more peaceful? Watch this.

Feel empty and fearful?

Do you find your life has lost its meaning – relationships, work, kids? Does it just feel unfulfilling much of the time?

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Treating Your Unrecognized Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Learn the real causes of personal pain and confusion, along with the real reasons you have relationship problems. Most important, learn how to actually eliminate these conditions.

Troubled relationships

Learn why you have difficulty maintaining close, intimate, fulfilling relationships.

Get angry easily

Learn why you easily get angry at other people and blame them for how you feel.

Strong need to be right

Learn why you have a strong need to be "right" and win arguments or discussions.

Reactions out of proportion

Learn why your reactions of fear, pain, anger, and  withdrawal, sometimes seem out of proportion to the event.

How Do You Know Whether You Have Post-Childhood Stress Disorder?

The vast majority of people simply survive the stresses in their lives, rather than living in fulfilling and exciting ways. They read books and take courses on stress management, but these make very little difference. You can learn the truth about why your life is not the productive and joyful experience you had once hoped.

Today you can learn how almost everyone—including you—suffers from a kind of PTSD that causes all their unhappiness and their difficulties in relationships with spouses, partners, children, coworkers, and friends.

  • Do you have difficulty maintain close, intimate, fulfilling relationships?
  • Do you easily get angry at other people and blame them for how you feel?
  • Do you often feel alone?
  • Do you have a strong need to be “right” and win arguments or discussions?
  • Do you often have difficulty understanding why you feel as you do?
  • Do your reactions to some situations—fear, pain, anger, withdrawal—sometimes seem out of proportion to the event itself?
  • Do you often feel hurt by what other people do to you? Or by what they fail to do for you?

Nearly all of us suffer from a form of unrecognized PTSD -

called Post-Childhood Stress Disorder (PCSD). The common events of childhood can become a very real kind of trauma that profoundly distorts the way children see themselves in the world—both in childhood and later as adults. If you’re like 98% of us, your answer to two or more of the following questions is YES, and it’s likely that you have PCSD.


What they say...


Real Love will transform your life...

Dr. Greg Baer gave me what I’d been missing in 25 years as a therapist. He explained the powerful and lasting effects of childhood wounds, and now I give every client and couple who comes into my office a copy of one of his books. You do not want to miss out on these principles that will transform your life no matter what happened in the past.

Melissa S. atlanta GA

I can laugh again and enjoy my life...

Before Real Love, I was in a great deal of emotional pain, chronically unhappy and fearful. I didn't know how to trust anyone, and I didn't feel loved and worthwhile—classic symptoms of Post-Childhood Stress Disorder. I chose to trust Greg and my Real Love coach, and my life has changed completely. I have many days without fear. I feel loved and supported. I can laugh again and enjoy my life. I am confident in my worth. I have many positive, loving relationships. Thank you, Real Love.

What readers and listeners say:

Gary Mailer
November 5, 2021

What an eye-opener

I am flabbergasted at how insightful Greg has been with this piece. It's simply insightful to the point of being 100% explanatory about why we have the challenges we do.

January 29, 2021

5.0 out of 5 stars Great Information

If really want to learn what unconditional love is and how to be released from the pain that causes you to be unhappy, read this book.

Daniele Cohen
September 11, 2020

5.0 out of 5 stars Uncinditional Love

Teach myself how to apply Divine Principle in a real substantial way to be a good person always in all ways

L. Dallin Roberson
February 3, 2019

5.0 out of 5 stars Wish I had this 25 years ago

Title says it all. Anyone can benefit from this material. Do yourself a favor and embrace it. So much to gain

May 30, 2017

5.0 out of 5 stars Topic Rarely Discussed

Baer very clearly explains post-childhood stress disorder and the similarities to post -traumatic stress disorder. His description and examples gave me much to think about, including being more compassionate to others and to myself.

December 31, 2016

5.0 out of 5 stars Our parents did the best they knew how but still it left a mark

A must read for clarity on where you are right now. Our parents did the best they knew how but still it left a mark. Understanding this helped me be more free from victimhood. The great part is the author is living what he teaches here. I was honored to meet him and see that first hand.

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