The Next Step

September 28, 2016

Personal Growth

Julie had been unhappy all her life, but with Real Love that condition was changing dramatically. With growth, however, there are always bumps in the road. One day I was describing a next step that Julie might take, and she complained that it was so difficult.

“Have you ever climbed a mountain?” I asked.


“When your foot is on one step, what do you do with the next one if you want to continue your climb?”

“I lift it up to the next step.”

“Do you ever sit down and whine about how the next step is difficult?”

She smiled as she said, “No.”

“Why not?”

“It wouldn’t do any good.”

“No, it wouldn’t. Complaining is not a step. In fact, if you complain that the next step is difficult, you’ve already MADE it difficult in your own mind. In your gloom, you’ll be less enthusiastic in taking the step and less creative in figuring out how to do it.”

Yes, at times growth really can be difficult. But the only productive approach is simply to take the next step—or to formulate a plan to take it—rather than be distracted by a pessimistic assessment of the problems involved. Some of us even become angry at the stress of the next step. Don’t overthink it. Just take the next step.

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