A Bad Day

September 30, 2016

Personal Growth

Martin called me and said, “I’ve had a bad day.”

If Martin had been entirely new to Real Love, I might have said, “Tell me about it.” But he’d been familiar with Real Love principles for several months, so I said, “I’m not sure there’s any such thing as a ‘bad day.’”

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“I’ve experienced days that were inconvenient, difficult, slow, rainy, exhausting, busy, and more, but I’ve never known a ‘bad day.’ No matter how the day went, I had a choice whether I learned from it, or enjoyed it, or hated it. I’ve learned that a day is ‘bad’ only if I learned nothing or chose to feel victimized by it.”

“Keep talking. I think I see where you’re going.”

“Let me use an example. Recently my neighbor hosted an enormous outdoor wedding party for his daughter—with two hundred guests—that lasted for two days and included a live band. It was scheduled for late August, a time when rain is not likely. But it rained both days of the party.”

“That’s bad,” Martin said.

“Exactly my point. No, it wasn’t bad, because my neighbor had rented an indoor hall just in case it rained on those days. They simply moved all the festivities indoors, and everything went well. The rain made the party more expensive and less convenient, but the day was a complete success. It was not a bad day precisely because my neighbor had chosen to prepare for it.”

If we find, trust, remember, and share sufficient Real Love, our lives are full. And then we will certainly experience days that are rainy, inconvenient, and more, but with the preparation of loving, we discover that events alone do not make a day “bad.” There is great power in being able to choose to learn and be happy no matter what the day brings.

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